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          TelcoSwitch delivers optimised business communications via our hosted telephony platform, private network infrastructure, hardware and value-adding integrations.

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        • TelcoSwitch is on a mission and we want your talent, intelligence and drive to succeed - join us and help to revolutionise Unified Communications!

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        • TelcoSwitch was founded with a clear set of core values. Find out more about what makes us tick.

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          CallSwitch balances simplicity with flexibility and highly advanced functionality designed to drive productivity and collaboration. Find out more.

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        • Business
        • Our leading CallSwitch service: Resilient, powerful, flexible and customised to your precise requirements.

        • Contact Centre
        • The same powerful, reliable infrastructure, more dedicated functionality for inbound, outbound and blended Contact Centres.

        • Lite
        • For smaller organisations that need essential CallSwitch features but in a stripped-down package.

        • Connected Apps
        • CallSwitch is bundled with dedicated apps to unite desktop, iOS and Android through instant messaging and video conferencing.

        • Our Network
        • TelcoSwitch technical architecture is provided on dedicated infrastructure for reliability and high quality.

        • Services

          Maximise flexibility with TelcoSwitch. Our Services enable Productivity, Compliance, Quality Assurance and more. TelcoSwitch provides a variety of add-ons designed to complement your CallSwitch deployment.

        • Call Recording
        • Add Atmos Call Recording for integrated, fully-featured Compliance, Quality Assurance and Workforce Management.

        • FlexiChannels® – SIP trunking
        • Find out about Flexichannels®, our advanced SIP Trunking solution for instant channel provisioning.

        • Global Numbering
        • TelcoSwitch has built a vast international network for inbound telephone numbers, giving your organisation total flexibility.

        • SimSwitch
        • Enterprise-class Unified Communications to unlock the power of mobility and BYOD for your Organisation. Deploy and manage your Mobile-First strategy with security, flexibility and control.

        • Integrate Microsoft Teams with your CallSwitch system quickly and easily. No extra hardware or software required, so why not maximise your organisation's Unified Communications capability?

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Global Numbering

Local Numbering capabilities, delivered Globally.

Through long-term partnerships with regulators and carriers all over the world, TelcoSwitch has built a vast network for inbound telephone numbers. With millions of phone numbers in stock, Our geographic, non-geographic, mobile and toll-free numbers can be ordered in real-time via a web portal or an API. As TelcoSwitch maintains close relations with local regulators and service providers, new area codes can be made available rapidly on request. TelcoSwitch delivers high quality inbound numbers from more than 55 countries and more than 8,000 cities around the world.

Our dedicated Number Porting Desk are on-hand to manage the often challenging process of number porting. We can port numbers from over 30 telecommunications providers, including hundreds of their resellers.

SIP Trunks for Instant, Compliant Scale

Forget PRI and bin the PSTN. Transition to the cloud with an elastic SIP trunk service that provides instant, compliant and enterprise-ready voice connectivity to 93% of the world economy.

Elastic SIP Trunks for Global Voice

Toll-free phone numbers – Instant Global Connectivity

On-demand access to 10,000+ municipalities across 65+ countries – all via a single SIP trunk configuration. Deploy voice in new markets instantly as you scale.

Maximum Local Reachability

Make more meaningful conversation on our two-way SIP trunks. Enjoy full access to national numbering plans on outbound calls in the places that matter most to your business.

Elasticated Two-Way Voice

No matter how many channels in a SIP trunk you need, our elastic services have you covered, scaling to infinity and beyond to meet your dynamically changing capacity needs.

Key Features


Business Phone Numbers in 65+ Countries

Fully-Licensed SIP trunk provider

Private Interconnection options

Secure call recording and archiving

Secure trunks with VPN, TLS, SRTP

Automated Number Portability

Access to Emergency Calling

Call Queuing

Optimised Call Routing

Automated Failover and Load Balancing

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed CDRs on Your Calls

SIP Trunking Cost Savings

Migrating to SIP trunks vs PRI can cut the cost of PSTN access by 45%. And our smart pricing means you only pay for what you use.

PCI compliance masking for financial institutions

Compliance By Design

Today’s Communications Compliance regulations are complex and onerous. Part of responding to these requirements is to take Compliance into account where technical infrastructure is concerned. TelcoSwitch take the recommended approach of ‘Compliance by Design’ to relieve you of some of the Compliance burden at least.

Global Telecoms Backbone

Our global voice IP backbone was built to facilitate smarter, more reliable communications. Our service availability is second to none, at 99.99%.

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