As of June 2020, TelcoSwitch has a new online look and feel. We’ve designed the site with the hope of getting you to the information you’re after as quickly as possible – and also with the hope that it will start a new kind of conversation.

We have seen over the past 3 months that effective communications can make the difference between being able to carry on seamlessly as an organisation, and facing massive disruption and difficulties in providing continuity of service.

TelcoSwitch is therefore proud to renew its commitment to providing the best possible communications platform with which to support its customers and commercial partners.

Firstly that means investment in infrastructure. Our network is super-resilient, and has flexibility built-in when it comes to capacity. This means you get our service when you want it, as you need it. Talk to us about our advanced SIP trunking capabilities and more.

Secondly that means investment in Service. We have experienced higher than average levels enquiries from our user base as everyone adjusts to the challenging environment. We are proud to say that our Customer Service representatives have risen to the challenge of keeping everyone on song.

Thirdly but by no means finally, we are committed to enhancements to our software. We have recently launched CallSwitch V6, a step change in capabilities including full on-demand Video calling and conferencing and superb new features for Business and Contact Centres including CRM integrations.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you and your organisation with the new realities of doing business.