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          TelcoSwitch delivers optimised business communications via our hosted telephony platform, private network infrastructure, hardware and value-adding integrations.

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        • TelcoSwitch is on a mission and we want your talent, intelligence and drive to succeed - join us and help to revolutionise Unified Communications!

        • Our Values
        • TelcoSwitch was founded with a clear set of core values. Find out more about what makes us tick.

        • CallSwitch

          CallSwitch balances simplicity with flexibility and highly advanced functionality designed to drive productivity and collaboration. Find out more.

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        • Business
        • Our leading CallSwitch service: Resilient, powerful, flexible and customised to your precise requirements.

        • Contact Centre
        • The same powerful, reliable infrastructure, more dedicated functionality for inbound, outbound and blended Contact Centres.

        • Lite
        • For smaller organisations that need essential CallSwitch features but in a stripped-down package.

        • Connected Apps
        • CallSwitch is bundled with dedicated apps to unite desktop, iOS and Android through instant messaging and video conferencing.

        • Our Network
        • TelcoSwitch technical architecture is provided on dedicated infrastructure for reliability and high quality.

        • Services

          Maximise flexibility with TelcoSwitch. Our Services enable Productivity, Compliance, Quality Assurance and more. TelcoSwitch provides a variety of add-ons designed to complement your CallSwitch deployment.

        • Call Recording
        • Add Atmos Call Recording for integrated, fully-featured Compliance, Quality Assurance and Workforce Management.

        • FlexiChannels® – SIP trunking
        • Find out about Flexichannels®, our advanced SIP Trunking solution for instant channel provisioning.

        • Global Numbering
        • TelcoSwitch has built a vast international network for inbound telephone numbers, giving your organisation total flexibility.

        • SimSwitch
        • Enterprise-class Unified Communications to unlock the power of mobility and BYOD for your Organisation. Deploy and manage your Mobile-First strategy with security, flexibility and control.

        • Integrate Microsoft Teams with your CallSwitch system quickly and easily. No extra hardware or software required, so why not maximise your organisation's Unified Communications capability?

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COVID-19 Policy

TelcoSwitch Visitor Management Policy and Privacy Notice Due to COVID-19

Upon entering a TelcoSwitch office, visitors will be required to submit limited track and trace information and agree to our policy below. If you have any concerns please discuss this with your TelcoSwitch contact prior to attending. Thank you.

1. Thank you for supplying your contact information. TelcoSwitch will use this for the purposes of:

  • Safeguarding the welfare of staff and visitors to TelcoSwitch office locations in relation to Covid-19;
  • Maintaining site security audit logs; and
  • Following fire and evacuation measures.
  1. Your data will be retained for one month and you will be required to provide the same information should you visit again.
  2. You confirm that, at the time of your visit to the relevant TelcoSwitch office, as far as you are aware:
  • You do not have Coronavirus;
  • No member of your household has Coronavirus;
  • There are no reasons that you should self-isolate under guidance, laws or regulations applicable to you.
  1. You will follow the safety measures highlighted by our staff to you on site or presented on the notices throughout our offices. This may include the wearing of a mask in certain areas unless you are exempt.
  2. You will notify TelcoSwitch as soon as practicable, should you be required to self-isolate within 14 days of visiting a TelcoSwitch office.
  3. If you cannot agree to any of the points above please immediately inform a member of the TelcoSwitch team.

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