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TelcoSwitch’s White Label Reseller Pack is our customised marketing solution for resellers. Designed to make it easy for channel Partners to have their own branding options, the pack includes a fully branded set of products, from a personalised provisioning portal and handset wallpaper to a full collection of product brochures. All we need are your logo and brand colourways and our in-house team will create every item ready to share with your customers.

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Enhance your CallSwitch experience with CallSwitch Compliant.
With CallSwitch Compliant your customers can see how employees are communicating with customers. CallSwitch Compliant gives your customers a 360 degree view of their customer touch points and allows them to track how employees handle specific customer situations, interactions and day-to-day activities, all from one screen.

CallSwitch Compliant is designed to be operational in minutes. Our intuitive web interface makes it easy to navigate through calls and playback, with CallSwitch Compliant features available from a single screen. With just a simple tutorial, you can be up and running without losing valuable staff time to training.

CallSwitch Compliant

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CallSwitch Compliant

Key Features

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Handle calls professionally and efficiently

Give customers a local number that goes straight to your mobile

Never lose a customer when you’ve got them on hold


Set up a private virtual conference room with external dial ins

Directs call super effectively and never miss a call

Record and archive all inbound or outbound calls

Connect your offices across the globe with a single phone system

Reach people in 3 or 4 digits, wherever you are

Sync your mobile with your office handset never miss a call

Pick up all your voicemail from any device, anywhere

Send and receive fax by email


Manage it all online in one easy place

Full suite of services to analyse team performance

Park calls to a specific location

Top-of-the-range features that make call-handling a breeze

Call out to all extensions

Switch desks in shared office environment

Manage the whole phone system from your smartphone

Call 999 or 112

Initiate calls straight from your computer

Our Powerful desktop and mobile applications specifically designed to take your customers business communications to a whole new level. It's main purpose is to enhance and simplify your day-to-day communications experience.

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CallSwitch Communicator for Desktop

CallSwitch Communicator for Mobile

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Fraud Management

One of the biggest challenges facing many companies when it comes to their communication networks is how they can tackle the ever-present risk of fraud.

Telecoms fraud might not necessarily be top of many people’s list of priorities when they are drawing up risk management plans and putting in place strategies to protect their company, but it is an area that can have huge consequences if businesses do not give it the attention it deserves.

The costs of telecoms fraud can quickly rack up, which means that Channel Partners cannot afford to be slow or reactive when it comes to combatting the issue. A strong approach will demand consistent monitoring and management at all times, especially at times such as weekends, as even a couple of days of undetected fraudulent activity can have a huge financial impact.

The UK is the third most targeted country in the world for toll fraud with businesses suffering the loss of 1.2 billion every year. Toll fraud is ultimately your responsibility and is a concern for any business.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be targeted by hackers, there is the potential to be subject to toll fraud, where a significant number of phone calls (often to international or premium rate numbers) leave you, the bill payer, with a substantial phone bill.

Our managed IP service enables you to set daily or weekly spend limits for free, which can easily be changed depending on your business operations. You can then receive notifications when spend reaches a certain percentage of your threshold. Should you then need to you can simply raise the limit or advise us that you believe your telecoms may have been breached.

As a protection to you, if no action is taken by the time the limit has been reached, all calls are barred reducing your risk of any fraudulent activity.


Seamless CRM integration
Our seamless integration with different CRM solutions and browsers brings together the functionality and features of your CallSwitch phone solution and inserts it into the applications that your customers use on a daily basis.

The average work day is full of managing customer calls and records using various sales and support programs. By integrating CallSwitch with your CRM system or browser, you can not only improve the speed and accuracy of working, but can also dynamically pull up customer records and information at a time when you need them most.


Through long-term partnerships with regulators and carriers all over the world, TelcoSwitch has built a vast network for inbound telephone numbers. With millions of phone numbers in stock, Our geographic, non-geographic, mobile and toll-free numbers can be ordered in real-time via a web portal or an API. As TelcoSwitch maintains close relations with local regulators and service providers, new area codes can be made available rapidly on request. TelcoSwitch delivers high quality inbound numbers from more than 55 countries and more than 8,000 cities around the world.

Our dedicated Number Porting Desk are on-hand to manage the often challenging process of number porting. We can port numbers from over 30 telecommunications providers, including hundreds of their resellers.


Our CallSwitch product offers a strong set of business telephony features that is essential to any Unified Communications offer. From simple “find me/follow me” functionality that will simultaneously ring to fixed mobile convergence applications to making and receiving business calls on personal mobile devices,

All our calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. CallSwitch integrates seamlessly with advanced telephony features including Call Center and ACD, as well as front office applications like Auto Attendant and Receptionist. Our provisioning servers allow you to provision your customers on the fly.

The Portal can be Branded to your exact Brand guidelines so your customers will only ever see you as the supplier.


Our platform is best suited to either Yealink or Gigaset hardware. TelcoSwitch are able to supply hardware to you at trade prices however all resellers are able to source hardware on their own terms if they prefer.

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