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        • TelcoSwitch was founded with a clear set of core values. Find out more about what makes us tick.

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          CallSwitch balances simplicity with flexibility and highly advanced functionality designed to drive productivity and collaboration. Find out more.

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        • Business
        • Our leading CallSwitch service: Resilient, powerful, flexible and customised to your precise requirements.

        • Contact Centre
        • The same powerful, reliable infrastructure, more dedicated functionality for inbound, outbound and blended Contact Centres.

        • Lite
        • For smaller organisations that need essential CallSwitch features but in a stripped-down package.

        • Connected Apps
        • CallSwitch is bundled with dedicated apps to unite desktop, iOS and Android through instant messaging and video conferencing.

        • Our Network
        • TelcoSwitch technical architecture is provided on dedicated infrastructure for reliability and high quality.

        • Services

          Maximise flexibility with TelcoSwitch. Our Services enable Productivity, Compliance, Quality Assurance and more. TelcoSwitch provides a variety of add-ons designed to complement your CallSwitch deployment.

        • Call Recording
        • Add Atmos Call Recording for integrated, fully-featured Compliance, Quality Assurance and Workforce Management.

        • FlexiChannels® – SIP trunking
        • Find out about Flexichannels®, our advanced SIP Trunking solution for instant channel provisioning.

        • Global Numbering
        • TelcoSwitch has built a vast international network for inbound telephone numbers, giving your organisation total flexibility.

        • SimSwitch
        • Enterprise-class Unified Communications to unlock the power of mobility and BYOD for your Organisation. Deploy and manage your Mobile-First strategy with security, flexibility and control.

        • Integrate Microsoft Teams with your CallSwitch system quickly and easily. No extra hardware or software required, so why not maximise your organisation's Unified Communications capability?

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CallSwitch Contact Centre

Power up your Sales, Customer Service or Blended Contact Centre functions like never before with our fully-featured Contact Centre edition.

CallSwitch Contact Centre uses the call routing features from the our premium CallSwitch Version 6 platform, but with additional levels of management and control to produce complex and measurable call handling and Agent performance data. It offers users exceptional levels of customer service at the same time as enhancing Agent productivity.

Version 6 Key Features

Unlimited ACD Queues

Unlimited ACD Queues

A sophisticated queuing solution to help manage customers on the line and to keep them from hanging up

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Improve the effectiveness of your Sales campaigns with granular reporting and analysis

Real Time Queue Stats

Real Time Queue Stats

View what is happening in real time to improve your call responses and to give clarity at all times

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Act on real time information during every call and improve customer service and Agent effectiveness

Soft Phone

Soft Phone

Use desk phone or softphone – or toggle between both for maximum flexibility



Provide an overview of all your Agents in seconds, on any device

Managed Control

Managed Control

Control of Agent behaviour and supervisor intervention for quality control



Fully scalable according to size and complexity – CallSwitch Contact Centre grows along with your business

Desktop and Mobile Applications

Our powerful desktop and mobile applications are designed to take your Contact Centre to a whole new level. Its main purpose is to enhance and simplify your day-to-day communications experience.

Seamless integrations with different CRM solutions and browsers bring together the functionality and features of your CallSwitch Contact Centre phone solution and joins them to the applications that your customers use on a daily basis.

Today’s work patterns typically involve managing calls and records using various sales and support applications. Integrating CallSwitch for Contact Centre with your CRM system improves speed and accuracy by dynamically pulling up customer records and information at the time when you need them most.

CallSwitch Comply

CallSwitch Comply

Up until recently, Compliance was something that affected relatively few organisations. Today that is no longer the case, with regulations like the GDPR, PCI-DSS and ePrivacy making Compliance something all organisations have to take into account, and all the more confusing to know exactly what to do.

That’s where CallSwitch Comply can help. Our product and service range is designed with the modern connected age in mind, and all of the implications that has for how an organisation deals with communications technology.

Talk to us about CallCabinet, our integrated solution for Communications Compliance. It’s easy to set up and use, and is designed to help your organisation comply with ease with all of the requirements for call logging and communications capture.

TelcoSwitch can also help you to bring your organisation together with the latest tools for collaboration. We integrate with Microsoft Teams and can help you to design the ideal connected, compliant communications solution for your business.

And it doesn’t stop there – we will continue to add features and bring them to you in an easy-to-use way, so your investment in TelcoSwitch will continue to pay off for years to come.

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White Label Services

Our Platform, Your Branding

TelcoSwitch’s White Label Reseller Pack is our customised marketing solution for resellers. Designed to make it easy for channel Partners to have their own branding options, the pack includes a fully branded set of products, from a personalised provisioning portal and handset wallpaper to a full collection of product brochures. All we need are your logo and brand colourways and our design team will create every item ready to use in-house and with your customers.

Fraud Management

One of the biggest challenges facing many organisations is tackling the ever-present risk of fraud.

The cost of telecoms fraud can spiral quickly, which means Channel Partners cannot afford to react slowly when combatting the issue. A strong approach demands consistent monitoring and management.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be targeted by hackers, there is the potential to be subject to toll fraud, where a significant number of phone calls (often to international or premium rate numbers) can leave the bill payer shouldering substantial costs.Our service enables you to block specified international destinations that attract high risk fraud, define maximum thresholds for cost per minute, and set spend limits for outbound call setup charges.

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