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        • Business
        • Our leading CallSwitch service: Resilient, powerful, flexible and customised to your precise requirements.

        • Contact Centre
        • The same powerful, reliable infrastructure, more dedicated functionality for inbound, outbound and blended Contact Centres.

        • Lite
        • For smaller organisations that need essential CallSwitch features but in a stripped-down package.

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        • CallSwitch is bundled with dedicated apps to unite desktop, iOS and Android through instant messaging and video conferencing.

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        • TelcoSwitch technical architecture is provided on dedicated infrastructure for reliability and high quality.

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          Maximise flexibility with TelcoSwitch. Our Services enable Productivity, Compliance, Quality Assurance and more. TelcoSwitch provides a variety of add-ons designed to complement your CallSwitch deployment.

        • Call Recording
        • Add Atmos Call Recording for integrated, fully-featured Compliance, Quality Assurance and Workforce Management.

        • FlexiChannels® – SIP trunking
        • Find out about Flexichannels®, our advanced SIP Trunking solution for instant channel provisioning.

        • Global Numbering
        • TelcoSwitch has built a vast international network for inbound telephone numbers, giving your organisation total flexibility.

        • SimSwitch
        • Enterprise-class Unified Communications to unlock the power of mobility and BYOD for your Organisation. Deploy and manage your Mobile-First strategy with security, flexibility and control.

        • Integrate Microsoft Teams with your CallSwitch system quickly and easily. No extra hardware or software required, so why not maximise your organisation's Unified Communications capability?

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CallSwitch Business

Communicate. Collaborate. Accelerate!

CallSwitch Business offers a strong set of business telephony features that is essential to any Unified Communications offer. From simple “find me/follow me” functionality, to fixed mobile convergence applications or making and receiving business calls on personal mobile devices.

All our calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. CallSwitch integrates seamlessly with advanced telephony features including Call Centre and ACD, as well as front office applications like Auto Attendant and Receptionist. Our provisioning servers allow you to provision your customers on the fly.

The Portal can be Branded to your exact Brand guidelines so your customers will only ever see you as the supplier.

Key Features

Mobile Pairing

Mobile Pairing

Sync your mobile with your office handset never miss a call

Call Groups

Call Groups

Directs call super effectively and never miss a call

Speakerphone Paging

Speakerphone Paging

Call out to all extensions



Reach people in 3 or 4 digits, wherever you are

Landline Numbers

Give customers a local number that goes straight to your mobile

Call Parking

Call Parking

Park calls to a specific location

Unified Voicemail

Unified Voicemail

Pick up all your voicemail from any device, anywhere

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Handle calls professionally and efficiently

Call Monitoring

Full suite of services to analyse team performance

Multi Locations

Connect your offices across the globe with a single phone system

Emergency Calling

Call 999 or 112

Call Management

Call Management

Top-of-the-range features that make call-handling a breeze

Synchronized screen and audio capture

Call Recording

Atmos recording and archiving of all inbound or outbound calls

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Video, Audio and Chat via PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Our bundled CallSwitch Apps let you manage across platforms, wherever you are

Online Account Manager

Manage it all online in one easy place

Unlimited Conference Calling

Unlimited Conference Calling

Set up a private virtual conference room with external dial ins

Click to Dial

Click to Dial

Initiate calls straight from your computer


Send and receive fax by email

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Never lose a customer when you’ve got them on hold

Hot Desking

Hot Desking

Switch desks in shared office environment

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Our white labelling service means you can use your own branding throughout

Desktop and Mobile Communicator Application

With instant on-demand video and audio conferencing and text chat, our powerful desktop and mobile applications are specifically designed to take your customers’ business communications to a whole new level. Its main purpose is to enhance and simplify your day-to-day communications experience.

Seamless integrations with different CRM solutions and browsers bring together the functionality and features of your CallSwitch Business phone solution and joins them to the applications that your customers use on a daily basis.

Today’s work patterns typically involve managing calls and records using various sales and support applications. Integrating CallSwitch with your CRM system improves speed and accuracy by dynamically pulling up customer records and information at the time when you need them most.

CallSwitch Comply

CallSwitch Comply

Up until recently, Compliance was something that affected relatively few organisations. Today that is no longer the case, with regulations like the GDPR, PCI-DSS and the Privacy in Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) making Compliance something all organisations have to take into account, and all the more confusing to know exactly what to do.

That’s where CallSwitch Comply can help. Our product and service range is designed with the modern connected age in mind, and all of the implications that has for how an organisation deals with communications technology.

Talk to us about Atmos, our integrated solution for Communications Compliance. It’s straightforward to set up and use, and is designed to help your organisation comply with ease with all of the requirements for call logging and communications capture.

TelcoSwitch can also help you to bring your teams together with the latest tools for collaboration. We integrate with Microsoft Teams and a range of popular CRM platforms and can help you to design the ideal connected, compliant communications solution for your business.

And it doesn’t stop there – we will continue to add features and bring them to you in an easy-to-use way, so your investment in TelcoSwitch will continue to pay off for years to come.

white label, marketing, services

White Label Services

Our Platform, Your Branding

TelcoSwitch’s White Label Reseller Pack is our customised marketing solution for resellers. Designed to make it easy for channel Partners to have their own branding options, the pack includes a fully branded set of products, from a personalised provisioning portal and handset wallpaper to a full collection of product brochures. All we need are your logo and brand colourways and our design team will create every item ready to use in-house and with your customers.

Fraud Management

One of the biggest challenges facing many organisations is tackling the ever-present risk of fraud.

Today’s business is done electronically, meaning that Telecoms fraud and other tech risks have surged up the list of risk management priorities.

The costs of telecoms fraud can quickly rack up, which means that Channel Partners cannot afford to be slow or reactive when it comes to combatting the issue. A strong approach will demand consistent monitoring and management at all times, especially at times such as weekends, as even a couple of days of undetected fraudulent activity can have a huge financial impact.

The UK is the third most targeted country in the world for toll fraud with businesses suffering the loss of 1.2 billion every year. Toll fraud is ultimately your responsibility and is a concern for any business.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be targeted by hackers, there is the potential to be subject to toll fraud, where a significant number of phone calls (often to international or premium rate numbers) leave you, the bill payer, with a substantial phone bill.

Our managed IP service enables you to set daily or weekly spend limits for free, which can easily be changed depending on your business operations. You can then receive notifications when spend reaches a certain percentage of your threshold. Should you then need to you can simply raise the limit or advise us that you believe your telecoms may have been breached.

As a protection to you, if no action is taken by the time the limit has been reached, all calls are barred reducing your risk of any fraudulent activity.

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